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Pure Honey Squeeze Bottle 500g

Pure Honey Squeeze Bottle 500g


Product Size Price (KSh)
GFF Pure Honey Jar 300G 292
GFF Pure Honey Jar 500G 456
GFF Pure Honey Squeeze Bottle 500G 463
GFF Pure Honey Jar 1000G 849

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We have partnered with 5000 bee keepers in the Eastern African Region.

Honey has been an important part of human diet over the decades and centuries due to its many health and medicinal benefits. Honey has many benefits like being a natural sweetener as well as its role in making home remedies for ailments like throat irritation, cold and flu.

Green Forest has partnered with 5000 bee -keepers in the Eastern African Region. Our honey is harvested and processed with a lot of care to maintain its quality and natural sweetness. Green Forest honey is pure and without any additives. This is to maintain the quality and the natural taste of the honey.

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300G, 500G, 500G Squeeze Bottle, 1KG


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