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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my honey crystallize?

Sugars account for 95 to 99% of honey dry matter. The majority of these are the simple sugars fructose and glucose which represent 85-95% of total sugars. Generally, fructose is more abundant than glucose. This predominance of simple sugars and particularly the high percentage of fructose are responsible for most of the physical and nutritional characteristics of honey.

Natural honey crystallizes. This is because honey is an oversaturated sugar solution, i.e. it contains more sugar than can remain in solution at some temperatures. Many consumers still think that if honey has crystallized it has gone bad or has been adulterated with sugar. The crystallization results from the formation of monohydrate glucose crystals. Crystallized honey takes a whitish hue, the colour of glucose. If honey is left undisturbed at 14°C it will crystallize very fast.  At temperatures above 25 ° C and below 5 °C virtually no crystallization occurs.

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If your honey jar crystallizes, please dip it in warm water and shake to liquify.

Are your nuts tested for aflatoxins?

Aflatoxins in peanuts and peanut products pose health challenges for all populations. Consumed in high amounts over a long period, Aflatoxins contribute to cancer, and stunted growth in children.

It is highly advisable to consume peanuts from sources that have ability to test aflatoxins

Greenforest Ltd goal has been to offer healthy, aflatoxin-tested peanuts to all Kenyans.

We do aflatoxin analysis for every batch both in house and in other outsourced laboratories. We always share our accreditation details with our customers in case they require them.

How do you differentiate between fake and original greenforest brands?

You can check the S-MARK by downloading the KEBS app and check our standardization numbers . ie

Peanuts 11986

Cashew 38698

Peanut butter 50803

Honey 1897

You can also scan the barcodes on the label and search on our website for item identification.

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