Our story

For the last 20 years, you have trusted us to place safe, nutritious food on your tables.

Thank you

Ours is a small company, with 41 employees, who work endlessly from the moment we are picking the product at the farms, doing quality checks, refining the product, roasting it, packaging it, to selling it in stores or online to ensure we provide our very best product to you.

So much goes into it and we enjoy every part of it with the hope that you, our customers will be happy when you taste and use our products.

We continue to be mindful of you as our clients. We assure you freshness and superior quality in our products. Our responsibility is also extended to our employees who we have trusted to make sure that our food is of the best quality for your consumption. Not be left out is our financiers who help us to steer the company to greater heights. Our government, both local and national has been phenomenal in supporting us as we in turn support thousands of small-scale farmers in the country and region

We endeavor to deliver, the best honey, bees wax, peanuts and cashew nuts to your hand

On this video, our CEO Mr. Athanas Matheka cordially explains to you the status of our company; where we are and where we are headed.