Greenforest honey

Greenforest brand of honey presents you with the most wonderful gift from God and Mother Nature to mankind. Our honey is free of antibiotic and pesticide residues. We source our honey from organized small holder beekeepers located in unspoiled areas away from agricultural activity. The African bee is resistant to bee diseases; therefore, the beekeepers do not need to use antibiotics on the hive as is the case in other parts of the world.

Because of the quality and sometimes almost mystical reputation and characteristics of honey, its addition to other products usually enhances the value or quality of secondary products. For this reason, the secondary products, which partially or wholly, can be made up of honey, are referred as “Value added” products from honey.

Honey can be consumed as food, in the state in which it is produced by the bees. Sweetness, nutritive value, and functional advantages like viscosity, flavour enhancement, colour, hygroscopicity, miscibility and spread ability etc. make honey a valuable food ingredient. Honey can replace cane sugar as a food ingredient in almost any recipe.

Give your products uniform baking with more evenly browned crust at lower temperatures, improved aroma by relatively small percentages of honey (up to 6% by weight of the flour) in sweet cakes, biscuits, bread etc., spongy consistency which persist longer, and softness. Products that contain honey will dry out more slowly and have a less tendency to crack.

The biblical designation, “a land flowing with milk and honey” should be suggestive enough to use of honey with dairy products. Honey cream, honey cream cheese, honey butter are some combinations for you to relish.

Your breakfast cereal will not be complete without a spoonful of honey, mixed, applied as a component of the sweeting or flavouring film which covers the flakes.