Lose weight with peanuts

Peanuts have been widely studied with regard to weight maintenance.

Despite being high in fat and calories, peanuts do not appear to contribute to weight gain

In fact, observational studies have shown that peanut consumption may help maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of obesity

These studies are all observational, which means that they cannot prove causation.

However, one small, 6-month study in healthy women suggested that when other sources of fat in a low-fat diet were replaced with peanuts, they lost 6.6 pounds (3 kg) despite being told to maintain their initial weight

Another study found that when 3 ounces (89 grams) of peanuts were added to the daily diet of healthy adults for 8 weeks, they did not gain as much weight as expected

Various factors make peanuts a weight-loss-friendly food:

They reduce food intake by promoting fullness to a greater extent than other common snacks, such as rice cakes

Because of how filling peanuts are, people appear to compensate for increased peanut consumption by eating less of other foods

When whole peanuts are not chewed well enough, a portion of them may pass through your digestive system without being absorbed

The high content of protein and monounsaturated fat in peanuts may increase calorie burning

Peanuts are a source of insoluble dietary fiber, which is linked to a reduced risk of weight gain

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